803.788.2226 info@sclp.org
Cameron Ventura

SC State House District 68


Phone: 843-446-3862

Twitter @CameronVentura

Email: SC68CameronVentura@gmail.com

Brandon Humphries

SC State House District 67

Phone: 803.795.3498

Visit my Facebook Page here 

Email: murph6531@yahoo.com

David Morris

SC State House District 69

Phone: 803.808.5823

Email: dcmorris@windstream.net

Justin Bishop

SC State House District 77

Phone: 803.550.0677

email: bishopforhouse77@gmail.com

Victor Kocher

SC State House District 79

Phone: 803.470.1121

Email: victor4house@aol.com

David Weikle

SC State House District 83

Facebook: @weikleforSC83

Phone: 803.221.5100

email: weikleforsc@protonmail.com

Rodney Travis

SC State House District 109

Phone: 843.552.9991

Melissa Couture

SC State House District 114

Phone: 843.640.9674

email: votemelissa114@gmail.com

Steve Sears

Anderson County Council District 7

Phone: 864.934.3906

Email: steves1501@hotmail.com

Eric K Crotts

Charleston County Council District 8

Phone: 843.709.5682

email: ecrotts21@gmail.com

Dr. Robert J Blok, Sr.

Beaufort County Council District 11

Phone: 843.384.4706

Email: robertblok50@hotmail.com

Dan Gregory

Charleston County Register of Deeds

Phone: 843.276.7261

email: dangregoryrod@gmail.com

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